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Our History

Layout Information


The Waynesboro Model Railroad Club was founded on February 9, 1990 by people with a shared passion for model railroading. Our club resides in an old grain elevator in Waynecastle, PA. (Check out our "Contact" page for more info!) Our club consists members who all have a strong passion for the model railroading hobby. (Interested in becoming a member? Visit the MEMBERSHIP page!)


The WMRRC prides itself in hosting four scale model railroads, including N, HO, 2-rail O, and 3-rail O scale.


We are always looking for opportunities to enhance our layouts. Whether it be scenery, wiring, or track-laying, each of our members hold special abilities that are crucial to the maintenance and improvement of our layouts.


We use some of the latest technological advances in the hobby including NCE and Digitrax DCC systems with Wi-Fi control capabilities for smooth operation and the enjoyment of the public.

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